desert rat my heart belongs in the desert 


i cant tell if im really nice but secretly an asshole or an asshole but secretly really nice

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Finally, some good advice from Cosmo

im gonna reblog this 300 times a day

XXX OG slab. Super fire. 

Andre 3000 as  Jimi Hendrix
"LA is sickening sometimes. Literally sat and watched Justin Bieber’s entourage pick girls and deny girls to go back to his apartment after the club last night. Girls were literally told they weren’t pretty enough or not good enough. Some were crying and some ditched their friends who weren’t selected. So disgusting. I had to go to his stupid ass apartment and get my keys from MY friend and his scrawny ass bodyguard had the nerve to tell me “You don’t live here” and I said “BITCH, you don’t either. You couldn’t afford this fucking rent. Get out of my face.” Being from Missouri, I have never in my LIFE seen women treated so blatantly like a piece of fucking meat or pussy ass men who THINK they are the celebrity they are “protecting” waiting in the bushes for Justin’s leftovers. I wanted to sock his bodyguard in the fucking face. There is nothing worse than reading about shit and hoping it’s fake and then seeing with your own eyes how fucked up shit actually is. Girls: Do NOT ever sacrifice your dignity and pride for some random ass person who does not give two shits about you beyond your vagina. It is not that serious and you are worth MORE. If any girl from last night is reading this: you are BEAUTIFUL, you looked BOMB AS SHIT and no little midget fuck in a suit that looks like he just auditioned for Men In Black 4 has the RIGHT to tell you otherwise. Have a blessed fucking Saturday!"
Kingsley’s tweet about Justin’s entourage turning girls away at a club last night (Oct 17)

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Bitch hand me the aux cord I’m bout to change your life

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I’ve given up trying to correct people.


I always use the phrase, “Murdered seven different ways from Sunday”, when people try to pronounce my last name.

I have a fairly regular name: Daisy, but I live in France where everyone goes: Desiree? Dazie? Daghjdskgjc?


let’s play a game called “how much of this homework can i do in school tomorrow”

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first “basic is a misogynistic slur against women” now “fuckboy is a slur against trans and gay men” yall just need to admit you hate black people and stop trying to warp our slang to make it seem like we hate everyone

Fuckboy has nothing to do with gay or trans people get over yourselves people

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